Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Boss

A hearty welcome to all of those coming in from The Bitchy Waiter! This post is going to be about my dumbass of a boss if you want to hear another story about him go ahead and click here.
So I didn't get fired, the next time I saw my boss he didn't say anything about the waffle batter incident. I did find out about a new juicy piece of drama in my restaurant which could effect my job.
SO the owner who lives in the hotel next door to the restaurant packed up and moved out, yup, he left in the middle of the night Saturday night and took his wife and kid with him. Somebody found a report for a UHaul in his name which said he would be going to Maryland. Yup, that's right, the dumbass moved halfway across the country because his wife was spending all of the hotel's money. 
I have heard that his father (who actually owns the place because he paid for it) came back yesterday but I have yet to go in to see if that has happened. I have also heard that the place has been sold and the paper work will be pushed through by the first of the year and we may want to start looking for new jobs. 
I actually don't know if I'm happy or sad about this happening, the owner was a douche, but now I have no job security what so ever, uh oh. Luckily I'm a 16 year old who still lives with my mom, so I don't really NEED a job but there are plenty of people who actually do need it and it sucks for them because we don't actually KNOW if we're getting fired. I'll try to keep y'all updated but nobody ever really tells me anything so....
On a lighter note Saturday is my birthday and I'll have a story for y'all then!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soccer Teams

Is it too much to ask that large groups call ahead before they meander into a restaurant? Last Saturday there was a soccer tournament in town, none of us had any clue this was happening, including the scheduling manager who set us up for a normal Saturday night.
We had one team of 30 people call ahead and that was WONDERFUL because we had a lunch server stay the extra two hours and take care of it (yeah, she's pretty rockin') Then all at around the same time we had an 11 top, 19 top, 13 top and 10 top. I don't know of many restaurants that could accommodate that many big tables.
If you're at a soccer tournament don't assume that you're the only team that decided after a long day of scoring goals and what not, that it'd be a good idea to go to a restaurant. As soon as you walk through the door, everyone that works there will hate you for not calling ahead. It doesn't take too much time to look up the phone number of a restaurant, say 30 minutes to an hour in advance and say that you'd like to bring a group in.
It also seems that the parents of the team's kids are ALWAYS douchey. This isn't just for soccer, I've also noticed in for baseball parents. These parents are often in their late 30s to early 40s and think they're still 21 and can do whatever the fuck they want. They also need to realize that you are not going to get the same service as a 19 top that you would if you only had 4 people. The server who took you is probably already pretty full because of the other tables seeings how it's a SATURDAY but now he/she has to deal with your big asses. So be patient when you come in with a big top UNANNOUNCED and if you do have a big party coming in CALL AHEAD.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I have just been informed that I have been selected to be a guest blogger for The Bitchy Waiter while the writer is on vacation. The post has already been on this blog buy I guess you'll have to check him out to see which one I chose, I can tell you that it's not the best one on here, IMO, but he liked it and it was the only one I submitted because the one I like doesn't meet his criteria.


Please go and check out Bitchy's blog TODAY at to see how awesome it is.--his blog inspired me to share my experiences in the service industry with all of you! 

I Might Be Getting Fired

So, management can be pretty sketchy in restaurants, luckily my GM and assistant manager are pretty cool, it's the owner that the we have to worry about. He owns/manages/lives in the hotel that is connected to the restaurant and he also owns the restaurant itself. He knows how to run a hotel fairly well but he has no clue as to how a restaurant works.
I walked in Sunday morning at 5:30. I was expecting to have my usual co-worker who to help me set up breakfast. I received a call from the owner at the hotel telling me that my co-worker had called in sick at 3am. I was forced to set up breakfast by myself, when this job is done with two people, we can get it done in 20-30 minutes, nobody was their to help me and didn't get it done until 6:07 (yup, I checked) I opened the breakfast doors and found nobody except my owner standing their eyeballing his watch, he said, "breakfast is to open at 6:00AM and no later," and walked off without saying anything else.
I was pissed at that comment but I went on working and made quite a bit of money, I then proceeded to tear down breakfast at 9:35 as stated on the sidework sheet. This job might take an hour or so with two people, more if there was a huge mess, and guess what, there was a huge mess. At 10:45 the owner came down to tell me that I was to take over my sick co-worker's lunch serving shift, great. I was in a hurry to get not only my breakfast sidework done but also the lunch prepwork. I had never changed the waffle batter because normally my co-worker does it and the waffle maker is still fairly new, I had to ask one of the lunch servers how to do it, I accidentally left the bucket that held the batter, out, the only batter left in it was on the sides.
Lunch was extremely busy and I didn't get cut until 4:30. I walked in to work expecting a 5 hour shift and walked out with 12 hours.
I was exhausted and got  home at around 5:15, I went right to sleep. I woke up at about 9:30 and saw that the owner called me at 7:20 and again at 9:28. I called  him back and he was pissed after he found out I left the bucket out instead of sending it to be washed, I don't understand why it's such a big deal, I always get comments from my coworkers and managers about how hard I work and how good it is that I do all of my sidework, all of the time. A lot of people will not even try to do some of the things on their sidework lists. He told me that he wanted to see me on  Friday, so we'll have to wait until then to see what happens, I'm expecting at least a write up (never gotten one) but if I get fired I will be PISSED.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Your Meal Doesn't Come With Toothpicks

When you pay for your meal you're paying for a lot of things; food cost, salaries, rent, and whatever else goes into the fucking price of a 9 dollar and 29 cent burger. One thing that is not included in that price is a toothpick.
There has been an overwhelming amount of people lately who expect the restaurant to have toothpicks for them. I understand that a lot of places have toothpicks and that's cool  but a lot of places also have pasta, we don't. It's just like ordering something that isn't on the menu. I don't understand why so many people look at me with utter disgust when I tell them that we don't have any toothpicks.
There's a table by the door with a place to drop business cards for a random drawing or some shit and a basket of mints, yes it would be easy to put toothpicks here but we don't so fuck off. Asking me if we have toothpicks isn't going to make them magically appear. Do you think I keep a supply of toothpicks in my ass specifically for people who ask for toothpicks? No, I don't.
It's not like I just told you I killed your fucking dog, you don't have to scowl at me as if I just ruined your entire fucking life because MY MANAGER doesn't keep toothpicks in the front.
What do you really NEED toothpicks for anyway? You stick them in your mouth to look cool and tough, but you just look like a douche, and if you are trying to pick something out of your teeth, floss that shit, it works way better than jamming a piece of wood in between your teeth.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bitch from the Inside

There's a strange relationship between the servers and the hosts. A lot of the time, a server will think that a host is their bitch and make them do all their stupid work like carry out food to a bitch table or just do a little bit of something for them. They also tip the host out at the end of the night for making the host run their ass off. 
I understand the system and it's all fine and dandy when executed properly. At a lot of restaurants the tipouts automatically come out of the servers tips and are included in the hosts' cashout. At my restaurant, this isn't the case. It's actually a better thing, I believe because I've heard hosts from other places say they only get a couple dollars a night when some nights I could walk with $50 if everybody did well. Normally everybody tips me out and if they walk out and forget they'll remember next time we work together and make up for it, it's just how it goes. Except for this one bitch...
This bitch was horrendous. She was the lazy bitch I'd ever seen. She always tried to pawn her sidework off on me claiming she'd "take care of me," I fell for it a few times, but then I worked up the courage to say no. She would  never prebus her tables, and I mean NEVER. There would ALWAYS be multiple entree plates and a lot of the time, there would even be some appetizer plates sitting on the table. Seeings as we have no bussers, the host was responsible for WIPING OFF and resetting the tables, I'd always take the glasses back or some leftover trash and a lot of the time I would take back entree plates. But this bitch never cleared her tables. It would be a busy Fiday nigh and I'd be responsible for being up front and seating people and she will have all four of her tables with shit on it and then come up and bitch at me because she has no open tables. I tell her if she prebusses them, ten she'll have open tables. She still doesn't do that and I end up doing it because when shit sits around on a table it just looks tacky. This bitch would always zoom out of the place right after being cut [phased] and not tip out anybody, when somebody stopped her and asked for a tipout she'd give them the MINIMUM $2 even if she had multiple big parties in which gratuity was added. 
Just so you know I'm not over reacting, this bitch got fired last week for being such a lazy ass, do I feel bad? No, she was given plenty of warnings and write ups but she just didn't even try. She should have been fired a long time ago.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Food Was Gross

I actually forgot about something that happened a few weeks ago to me and I wanted to share it.

We had a very busy lunch and there was a lot of cleaning to do. I, as the host at a place which recently got rid of its busboys, had around a trillion tables to clean, I was supposed to have a break at 2 and not come back until 5, mind you. A couple came in right at 4 which is when the servers, bartenders and managers all switch shifts to prepare for the night. There were very few clean tables and I sat them at one and told the server that she had the table per normal. She told me she was busy and asked me to get their drinks, I said yes because I'm that nice of a person. They wanted two Bud Lights, since I have a slight case of being underage, I'm not allowed to carry alcoholic beverages so I told the server what they wanted and she rung them in and everyone was happy. As I was walking back from telling her and started cleaning off a table next to this couple the lady turned around and said, "Where are our goddamn drinks?" 
I pointed over to the bar and said in the sweetest voice I could muster after being so rudely talked to, "The bartender is pouring them right now and your server, [server's name] will bring them right out to you." :-)
She then said, "well if it's gonna take this long we might as well order now, I'll take a [insanely large dish] and he'll have a [small appetizer,]" Please refer to my previous post and my post about ordering from a host to see what's wrong with that.
"Alright ma'am I'll tell YOUR SERVER to put that in for you, your drinks will be out shortly."
I told the server, she put it in within seconds of me leaving the table and the bitch flags me down again about five minutes later.
"We're ready for our food now."
"Ma'am, your food is not ready yet but I'd be happy to-"
"I'm sorry you believe that ma'am but I cannot have the kitchen send out raw food" (yup, I was fed up with that bitch and I wanted to go lay down in the big booth at the corner of the restaurant for a little bit.)
"Let me see a manager"
"Ma'am, your server is the manager," (true shit, the MOD also takes tables unless the GM is the MOD.)
"oh, y'all must be understaffed tonight, you should do better about that" (yes we are going to have 5 servers on to sit there and stare at each other before 5 o'clock.) I walked away.
I went on and finished cleaning tables and was on my way to clock out and take a power nap for a few minutes but I saw that her plate was empty and I decided to be nice and pick it up. (my mistake) 
"My food was gross"<-------Most overused joke at a restaurant
jokingly "haha, I'm sorry you felt that way"
"that isn't funny, this food was uneatable"
"excuse me?" (I really want to get to my booth)
"I run [our competitor down the street which had closed the day before this event occurred] and I know what a [insanely large dish that the other place didn't have] should taste like"
I told her I would get a manager [I didn't tell the GM who was now clocked in] and  I proceeded to go lay (lie?) down in my booth, without clocking out, for 5 minutes.
Just another day at my restaurant. 

ALSO: I did think of another event that happened dealing with a "fellow" co-worker and that story will be posted soon. Until then y'all!